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What is Crimedar?

To law enforcement agencies, CRIMEDAR is a provider of custom crime map solutions.

To the general public, Crimedar is a free, easy, interactive, online neighborhood watch. It allows citizens to be informed as well as report crime 24 hours a day--7 days a week!

A traditional neighborhood watch is centered around one or more blocks and relies on the assistance of local law enforcement. An online neighborhood watch is a more effective tool to protect neighborhoods and prevent crime. Crimedar visitors can view and map neighborhoods and communities on a local, state or national level.

Crimedar is private and confidential. Real time maps are displayed at street level using Silverlight technology. Information can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Crimes that can be reported on Crimedar:

• theft, burglary, robbery
• assault
• arson
• vandalism
• gunfire
• suspicious or threatening behavior

Crimedar as a global online neighborhood watch:

• reduces crime
• brings law enforcement and citizens together
• unites the community with surrounding communities
• empowers citizens and offers a sense of involvement
• provides better real time information

Planning on moving? Open a Crimedar community map and you can instantly view crime reported by participating local and regional law enforcement and residents.

Crimedar is a valuable tool in creating safer communities-- and it's FREE!
Save money. Save neighborhoods. Use Crimedar.

Note: Crimedar reporting is not intending to replace 911 emergency calls.

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